John 8:31

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, (ESV)

  1. Jesus was speaking to a larger crowd that had not been willing to receive Him as the Messiah because they did not know God. Now this was a very religious crowd. A crowd that had a lot of head knowledge when it came to the God of Israel, they had a lot of head knowledge when it came to the Scriptures. But they were not abiding in Scripture, they had not given their hearts to God therefore they did not have a relationship with Him therefore they did not really know.

    And since they did not know the Father, when the Son arrived they did not know Him and because they did not know him they rejected Him.

    The same thing can happen in our lives today as Christians. We can be biblically-literate people who miss the very presence of God in our lives. We can know all of the Bible answers but not walking in the truth of God. We can have knowledge of God, but not reflect God because we are not abiding in Him.

    When we abide in the Word of God then we begin to know the heart of God, the character of God, the nature of God. We develop an intimacy with God. His passions become our passions, his longing become our longings. And his truth dwells in us and consumes and shapes us and leads us.

    Too many times as Christians we can profess a God of love and then can be so unloving. We profess a God of grace and then give very little grace. We profess a God of mercy and then extend very little mercy. It is because we can have the head knowledge of the truth of God but we don’t abide him causing our lives not to reflect the truth of God.

    Jesus said that when we abide in His word, we will know the truth. And not just a bible knowledge truth but our lives with KNOW His truth, it will reflect His truth—in our words, in our actions and our deeds.

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