John 8:32

and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (ESV)

  1. This is one of those phrases from Jesus that has become a part of our popular culture. Many people use this phrase not even knowing where it originally came from or the context from where it came from.

    And while it is generally true that “truth” has a way of freeing us from the bondage of ignorance or deception, truth doesn’t always set you free. In fact, sometimes the truth can condemn us. Truth can bring judgment upon us.

    And when this phrase is used in a general sense (outside of Scripture), you have to ask the question, what truth are you talking about. Just because we believe something is true doesn’t mean it is true.

    The significance and power of this phrase, “the truth shall set you free” is found within the understanding of what is truth. And Jesus was not just speaking of general truth. He said, “if you abide in my word, if you abide in my truth, then you will be set free.”

    The truth is Him. The truth is Jesus. And what does the truth free us from. It frees us from the bondage of sin. Now these people who expressed belief in Him in verse 30 were now having trouble with what he just said.

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